Video Marketing For Lawyers – Why Lawyer Directories Don’t Help

I received a call the other day from a representative of a large lawyer directory that we are all familiar with. I’m not going to mention them by name because the name isn’t really important. What’s important is what this rep was telling me and why he felt it would be useful for me to sign up. As soon as I learned that he was looking to get me into a lawyer directory, I immediately stopped him and asked how would I be able to distinguish myself from any other lawyer on this directory?

His response was typical.

He said that a viewer searching for me would be able to see my credentials, where I went to school, see what I have written, see whether I had been certified by any legal organization, and a listing of my accomplishments.

I then asked what would happen if my competitor had similar credentials; how would a viewer be able to distinguish me from my competitor? His answer disturbed me. He said I could purchase sponsored listings and use pay per click advertising; claiming that this would be sufficient to set me apart from my colleague down the street.

I again asked what would compel a viewer searching for an attorney handling medical malpractice to choose me, who would be listed on page 7 of his online directory, compared to a competitor of mine who is listed on page 1 at the top of the fold?

He didn’t have much of an answer for that one.

He still pushed on. To make his point, he asked me to do a Google search using my last name and the type of law I practice. “See, you don’t come up #1, instead you come up way down here.” He then used those results to justify why I needed to be in his directory. I explained to him that this was an inaccurate way of searching for an attorney. Why? (Here is a million-dollar tip that this representative clearly had no clue about).

A person who is online searching for an attorney doesn’t know who you are. They don’t know your name. They don’t know a lawyer who can help solve their problem. They haven’t gotten a referral from anyone and are now taking matters into their own hands and searching for someone online. This rep made the deadly mistake of thinking that online viewers search for lawyers by name. He failed to understand how people with legal problems actually search for lawyers. If he truly understood this, he would realize that attorney directories are virtually useless online today.

I pointed out his fallacy by explaining to him that a viewer would be searching for the type of lawyer who handles these cases and the geographic area where they live. I then asked him to do his own Google search for “New York medical malpractice lawyer” and then tell me who comes up #1 in the organic search results. He quietly responded that my website shows up in the #1 organic slot for those search terms consistently.

Later that evening I received an e-mail from this rep again trying to sell me on the reasons why I should join his lawyer directory. This is exactly what he said:

“If you want to ensure your credentials can be found in an objective forum, where consumers can compare you with other firms and link to your website, then you should be there. If you want to ensure other attorneys and corporate counsel can find you, you should be there, listed on XXXXX. If you want to guarantee results – assuring your information is found, complete with full stats of where and who is viewing you, then you should be there. If you want an easy and inexpensive way to grow your practice, then you should be there, listed.”

Why do I tell you all this? Because the best way to distinguish yourself from the other lawyers who compete with you is not with the lawyer directories. Rather, it’s with video. A viewer gets to see you, hear you, and begin to trust you before they ever pick up the phone to call you. Video is interactive, it’s entertaining and importantly, it’s different. Being just another listing in a lawyer directory accomplishes none of those things.

Getting The Best Car Accident Lawyer

You can never tell when an accident will occur especially when you are driving. Accidents always happen fast and thus they are quite unavoidable. However, everything will be alright especially when you are sure of compensation. Therefore, as a driver you need to have auto insurance. Not all insurance Companies are great. Some will not give you the exact compensation that you were promised by the insurance company. With this in mind, you need to have a car accident lawyer.

Using the internet, you should be able to find the best car accident attorney without much trouble. You definitely will come across number of law firms online and they will have a list of services that they provide. Most efficient firms usually have different kind of services that they offer. You will find services like accident lawyer, personal injury lawyer, malpractice lawyers, slip and fall lawyers, brain injury lawyers and injury lawyers.

You have to take note, as above, that different counsels deal with different cases. For example, you can not go for a malpractice attorney for a vehicle accident case. Good attorneys are well aware of the law and they will be in a position to help you get your compensation. The lawyer will start by finding what caused the accident.

Moreover, with a good injury lawyer you do not have to You will be saved from the hectic trips that come with court proceedings. Get a counsel that will handle the case professionally even in your absence. An experienced attorney will advice you to take a rest and let him/her work on the case. This should give you enough time to recover from injuries and more so, enable you to spend more time with family and friends.

You have to do enough research on the law firms. It is not advisable to just use any firm for your claims. Ensure that you find out if it has had experience on handling any cases. In any case they have had some cases, it is important that you check if they had ever won.

Before you make any choices, you have to check the costs. There are some that will charge you extraordinarily a high fee. You should ensure that you compare the cost to be on the safe side. There are some websites from which you will be able to quote the amount of money you have. The comparison is free of charge and you can compare as much as you want.

You should go for an attorney that is friendly and understanding. Do not focus on cost only. Go for one that will listen to you and give you advice. A good lawyer will be in a position to treat you in a welcoming manner.

Lastly, it is evident that you will come across a number of law firms online. Some will not be competent and some will not be dealing with your kind of case that you have. You should not concentrate on the cost if you are to find a good one. A good counsel will help you get maximum compensation.

Tax Appeal Lawyer – Property Taxes

In this day and age, it’s hard to know where you stand, come tax time. If the value of your home has decreased, you may be paying more than you’re required in property taxes. This is due to the fact that the assessment of how much is owed is generally based on the appraised value of the land you own.

If you feel as though you’re over paying, you should consider hiring a reputable property tax appeal lawyer. This type of attorney will be best able to determine the appraisal value of the property and aid in obtaining a reduction to the monthly payment. In order to find the correct attorney for the job, you will need to follow to steps below.

Step 1: Hop on the internet and search local firms what work in the field. Not every practice employs these types of specialists, so it’s important to find a lawyer with a good amount of experience in this area.

You may also choose to look for sites with reviews and recommendations to through the excess. The process of comparing attorneys is important. By choosing the right one, you stand a much higher chance of winning the case and saving yourself a sum of money in the long run.

Step 2: Make up a list of questions and contact an attorney for an over the phone consultation. Most appeal cases are typically handled on a contingency basis, meaning that the majority of the fee will be based on the outcome of the case at hand. Compare rates, and review any and all information on potential candidates.

Step 3: Find out which assessment or appraisal organizations the attorney belongs to.

Step 4: Find out exactly who will be working the case in the event that the attorney is hired. Many practices sub out cases to other lawyers in the firm. Ask for their experience and specialty.

Step 5: Ask whether the lawyer has ever published a legal assessment article or taught at a law school. Both of these tasks require a large amount of dedication and knowledge. This serves as a good way to judge a lawyers standing within the legal community while providing a sense of comfort.

Step 6: Inquire as to the policies surrounding communication with the firm pertaining to the status of the case. If possible, obtain a time estimate as to how long it may take for the process to be completed. This is important as you will likely want to keep up to date and in contact with the attorney throughout the appeal.

Auto Accidents Comparative Fault – Is a Lawyer Needed?

Even in a perfect world, car accidents do happen. Even if they don’t result in loss of life or injury, there are still other consequences. There’s still the matter of getting car fixed, for example, and the time you have to spend getting it fixed, all of which can affect your income.

Knowledge is power, so let me give you advice on how to best manage when involved in an auto accident. After the incident, compensation is always an important concern for the parties involved. Whether it’s repair costs, hospital bills, or any other form of compensation, that’s always an issue in every situation. Insurance companies are usually willing to cover for these costs, but in order to find the appropriate amount entitled to the insured, fault has to be established.

In assigning fault, the question is about the degree of responsibility. The insurance paid out depends on how much at fault each of the two (or more) parties involved are. The insurance companies will send out claims adjusters, who study the situation, and based on their findings, fault to the parties, with a percent value known as “comparative fault.” Some states calculate insurance coverage by “pure comparative fault.” With pure comparative fault, your degree of responsibility is deducted from your claim. If you are found to be 20 percent responsible for the accident, then twenty percent is also deducted from your claim.

Here in San Antonio, we have “proportional comparative fault-” meaning, you get your full claim from insurance provided you aren’t responsible for a certain percent of the accident. The state of Texas sets the bar at 51 percent- you get the full amount from your insurance company, provided you were found to be 51 percent or less responsible. If not, your insurance company will not consider you entitled to compensation.

So to make sure you get as much as possible from your insurance claim, you should think about hiring San Antonio auto accident lawyers. A skilled auto accident attorney can help you in assessing the situation, and can speak on your behalf to the insurance claims adjuster. San Antonio auto accident lawyers have knowledge of the local laws and insurance policies, and can not only assist in negotiations with a claims adjuster, but also give you advice in court if it comes to that.

How else can an auto accident lawyer help you? Besides being your representative in court and negotiations with the insurance company, San Antonio auto accident lawyers can also use their experience to assist your efforts.. An auto accident attorney in San Antonio can gather favorable evidence such as police reports, or medical evidence, or interview potential witnesses whose testimony may help you in a court of law. They can assess your legal situation, draft letters, and can look out for your interests if there are any disputes.

Do you need a lawyer after every accident? A lawyer is really required only in certain situations. If, for example, there has been a death or injury, then having an attorney will be important. If there’s some kind of problem involving a dispute, of if you feel you are being treated unfairly by your insurance company, you’ll probably need professional advice. Having San Antonio lawyers that specialize in auto accidents with you is to your advantage, and they can certainly ease the burden while you go through a difficult period after an accident.

Choosing The Best Personal Injury Lawyer For You

If an injury claim is complicated, it might be best to get the advice of an attorney. Selecting just any attorney is not a good long-term strategy. You should choose someone who has experience dealing with injured people, or plaintiffs, in injury claims. The right personal injury lawyer will be experienced, have a good track record and someone who can be trusted.

One way to find the right attorney is to ask for referrals. After acquiring referrals, compare lawyers before making a decision. In addition, it is good to be prepared for rejection. Some lawyers will not take the case if they do not bring in a certain amount of profit, or if the claim is too confusing.

Good referrals for a lawyer can also come from friends, acquaintances or coworkers who have been previously represented by an attorney for an injury claim. If the attorney has a good recommendation, add him or her to your list for consultation. It is important to take recommendations lightly. It is not wise to make a decision based solely on what people say about a lawyer. People have different experiences and responses to someone else’s character, style and personality. It is important to get to know the estate lawyer for yourself.

A good attorney can also be found through a lawyer directory. Some lawyer directories give comprehensive profiles or information on each attorney listed. Typically, the profile includes the attorneys experience, fees, philosophy, practice and education. A good directory will list only attorneys with a valid license and who are in good standing with the Bar Association. A qualified attorney will give a detailed estimate of time and cost, be willing to speak with their client on a daily basis and provide a written agreement that is clear and fair.

Speaking with other lawyers can also provide referrals for your type of case. On many occasions lawyers are known to refer cases to one another. There is also the option of referral services. These services can be found at local Bar Associations. The active and practicing are arranged by legal specialty.

Although the State Bar Association provides a list of approvals; however, the quality of lawyers listed will vary considerably. Depending on the referral service chosen, lawyers are carefully screened so only high-quality lawyers make the list. To find quality lawyers using this method, contact the referral service and request its process for selecting lawyers for their listings.

Once an attorney is selected and details of your case have been disclosed, ask him or her questions to get to know them better. Some questions may include how long they have been in practice, what percentage of their practice is related to the case at hand, do they mostly represent defendants or plaintiffs, etcetera. It is also important to know if the attorney will handle the case or pass it to someone else. If there will be another attorney involved, meet the other one as well.

The last thing to do is get a clear understanding about how your case should progress. Finding an attorney is not the end of the job. The process should end with a written fee agreement and frequent contact with the attorney. Follow-ups and updates are necessary to make sure the case is progressing planned.