Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer or Not?

There is no situation which absolutely requires a private immigration lawyer. Be careful not to misread that. I didn’t say that immigration lawyers aren’t valuable; they just aren’t required.

The fact is that hiring an immigration attorney is a matter of preference. As an immigration attorney myself, I can safely say that some immigration matters probably do not need the attention of an immigration attorney. If an individual needs to renew her green card, there’s a form for that that can easily be found on USCIS’s web site, and she can fill it out herself and pay the fee. It’s that simple. Don’t waste your money on an immigration attorney to do this for you.

Other immigration matters, while seemingly straightforward to the untrained eye, can turn into an immigrant’s worst nightmare if she omits something in her paperwork or admits something that gets her into immigration trouble that she wouldn’t have otherwise been in. For example, an individual with a criminal record (such as a conviction based upon shoplifting a pack of gum five years ago!) who applies for naturalization could be put into removal proceedings. Please don’t let that happen to you.

Then there are the incredibly difficult immigration matters that individuals usually have absolutely no idea how to handle, such as submitting complicated waiver applications, navigating all the different types of employment-based visa categories, or (heaven forbid) being placed in removal proceedings which necessitates at least several hearings in Immigration Court.

That being said, there are several very good reasons why people hire immigration lawyers:

(1) Immigration law is complex. In 2005, the Congressional Research Service reported: “The statutory scheme defining and delimiting the rights of aliens is exceedingly complex. Courts and commentators have stated that the Immigration and Nationality Act resembles ‘King Mino’s labyrinth in ancient Crete,’ and is ‘second only to the Internal Revenue Code in complexity.’

Finding someone who can navigate the complicated immigration laws can mean the difference between being able to live and work in the U.S. and being forced to leave. Legacy INS Spokesperson Karen Kraushaar stated that “immigration law is a mystery and a mastery of obfuscation, and the lawyers who can figure it out are worth their weight in gold.”

There are, however, some immigration attorneys who either cannot or at least have not yet figured it out. In a law review article written by Judge Richard Posner of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and Northwestern University Law Professor Albert Yoon, it is noted that a panel of judges were asked which area of the law had the lowest quality lawyers. The judges “agreed that immigration law was the area in which the quality of representation was lowest.”

The lesson from all of this? Yes, immigration law is complex, but it is important to find an immigration attorney who can figure it out.

(2) Immigration lawyers can fend off future immigration problems. Because of the complexity of immigration law, it’s difficult for individuals attempting to handle an immigration case by themselves to get up to speed on the immigration laws. This is especially important if time is running against you, which it almost always is in immigration matters. Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has stated in the context of detained immigrants that “the need for legal representation for immigrants has grown so acute and the consequences so drastic that something must be done.” If immigration attorneys are useless, then a U.S. Supreme Court Justice would never have made such a remark.

People sometimes think they do not need an immigration attorney because they don’t have any immigration problems. For a lot of people, that may be true. But for some people, it’s not that they don’t have immigration problems, but it’s that they don’t know that they have immigration problems. “Oh? You mean that if I leave the U.S. right now I won’t be able to come back for 10 years?” Yes, I am sorry. If that individual had seen an immigration attorney a year ago, there may have been something the attorney would have advised in order to prevent her current immigration predicament. Not seeing an attorney when in doubt can result in a lot of “could have, would have, should have” statements.

(3) Immigration lawyers do it better (statistically speaking). Statistics can be dubious and misleading, so I don’t like using them lightly. However, the statistics that I am about to share with you are verifiable and are worth your attention. Lawyers cannot guarantee a successful outcome in any case. In fact, lawyers should specifically say to every new client that “I cannot guarantee a successful outcome in your case.” The lawyer can then offer these statistics:

In the context of removal proceedings (where the immigrant is not detained):

  • The immigrant is successful in immigration court 74% of the time when represented by a lawyer;
  • The immigrant is successful in immigration court 13% of the time when NOT represented by a lawyer.

In the context of asylum cases:

  • Out of 37,266 affirmative asylum cases, 36.8 percent of claimants who were represented were granted asylum, compared to 4.0 percent who were not represented;
  • Out of 16,180 defensive asylum cases, 25.9 percent of claimants who were represented were granted asylum, compared to 7.4 percent who were not represented.

These statistics are not meant to be used as a sales pitch to a client wondering whether or not she should hire an immigration lawyer, or whether to hire you or I as her lawyer. Rather, they are meant to provide a wake-up call to the client, in essence saying, “Immigration law is complex. You can do this on your own or you can hire a lawyer to guide you.” If staying in the U.S. is important to the client, the choice is clear.

Immigration lawyers do much more than simply fill out immigration forms. We can spot immigration problems before they occur, and advise a client accordingly. When we believe the client does not have a good case, we tell them, and suggest ways in order to build a stronger case. When we are forced to fight the government, we prepare legal briefs in support of our arguments and make appearances in immigration and consular officers with our clients. We offer strategies for successful outcomes at immigration interviews, and inform clients of potential pitfalls to avoid at these interviews. As you can see, all the evidence supports the case that immigration lawyers are invaluable.

5 Lawyer Tips for Prepping for a Big Case

Sometimes one may find himself or herself in a big lawsuit.Regardless of whether the person is a plaintiff or a defendant, it is necessary to be well prepared in order to get the best legal presentation. Getting the right legal representation can prove to be a daunting task especially in terms of professionalism and experience. Therefore it is advisable that one hires a lawyer judiciously so as to win a big lawsuit. To get the best legal representation, there are tips that one should keep in mind. Below are five tips on how to prepare for a big case:

1. It is advisable hire a lawyer that is well known to potential client. This is necessary so that the individual can be sure his or her lawyer cannot be compromised. Basically it is a way of building self confidence during the lawsuit. The lawyer should also be in a position to represent the client very strongly during the court proceedings.

2. There are specific law firms that handle specific cases. The firms have highly qualified, well reputed and experienced attorneys. By contacting the lawyers, the client is able to get a lawyer that could t win the case based on the experience and expertise he or she has in similar cases.

3. It is also important to evaluate the effectiveness of the lawyer that is hired. This can build confidence and it is also a way of ensuring that the case is won. Evaluation can be done by the use of an internet. The client is advised to compare the clients’ reviews in the websites to know the lawyers performance and also compare the cost of the legal fee charged by various law firms.

4. It is advisable to go through the cases that the lawyer one is choosing has handled in the past and also authenticate the certification of the lawyer so as to ensure that the lawyer is not disqualified during the court procedure. One should consider hiring a lawyer that has published various books on similar cases since they have enough knowledge on the cases due to the extensive research that they tend to conduct.

5. Finally one should, choose a lawyer that is dedicated to offer the legal service that is within his or her area of specialization. This increases the chance of winning the case that might prove to be very complicated if he or she has no adequate knowledge in it.

In summary, it is important to bear the above tips in mind so as to succeed in a big case. Failure to do so can be very costly to the client in terms of wasted legal fee and loss of the lawsuit.

Search For Accident Claims Lawyers Intelligently

Accidents and injuries are some of the most common hassles that people have to face every other day. Whether you are in your workplace or you are in a vacation enjoying your days of leisure, you can become the victim of accident. In some cases, it is the victim who is responsible for his condition. However, in other cases, someone else is found responsible for the case. If you or any of your near ones have become the victim of accidents and injuries for the fault of someone else, you should immediately file for a case of compensation. You have the right to file for your claim if the guilty tries to deny you the right.

Filing the accident compensation claims is not a very tough task. You just need to check out a follow the legal procedures for filing these types of claim cases and get your case filed in the court of law. However, a common man cannot possess complete understanding of the legal procedures for filing the claim and so it is important to take the assistance of the lawyers who have the idea of representing these cases. Lawyers form an important part of the entire claim case. Therefore, you should appoint a lawyer for your case intelligently. If you do not appoint the lawyer for your case intelligently, you may not be able to win the case.

When you are appointing a lawyer, it is always check his expertise in the field. If you can check his expertise in this field, it will be easier for you to understand whether he is suitable for the case or not. Always remember, a lawyer who has the complete training of these cases, will be able to represent the claim in an appropriate manner. Once you are satisfied with the expertise of a lawyer, check out his track record. If he has an impressive track record, you can surely go with him. Else you need to search a bit more.

Once you are done with the searching of the basic information of the lawyers, check out their quotes. If you can check out their quotes, it will be easier for you to understand, which lawyer will be able to provide you the best assistance at the best consultation fees. The consultation fees of the accident compensation solicitors can vary a lot. Therefore, it will always be better for you to compare the quotes of some lawyers before appointing any one of them.

When you are comparing the quotes of the lawyers, you need to understand that appointing a lawyer at a cheaper rate is not your aim. You need to compare the quotes as you need to find the best lawyer at a reasonable consultation fees. If you do not have enough money for the representation of the case or do not want to risk your money on the case, you can take the assistance of the no win no fees lawyers. By taking the assistance of these lawyers, you will have to pay the fees only after winning the case. Therefore, if you lose the case, you will not have to spend a penny for the representation of the case.

Cheap Bankruptcy – The Disadvantages of a Cheap Lawyer

If you need to file for bankruptcy, the last thing you need is an expensive lawyer. There are ways you can file cheap bankruptcy, but this isn’t always the best way to go. This article will highlight the pros and cons of hiring a cheap bankruptcy lawyer.

T here are many places you can go to look for a bankruptcy lawyer, such as the yellow pages, local universities and recommendations from friends. When choosing your lawyer, you should really try to avoid hiring one based solely on the cheap cost. You also want a lawyer who understands the system and can help you out by giving you expert advice for you to get out of your financial situation.

Search online-

If you want a way to file for cheap bankruptcy, you can do a search online and you can compare services to find the best lawyer at a cheap price. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. A cheap bankruptcy lawyer may not be experienced and have expert knowledge to help you out and protect your assets and legal rights. You have to decide what is more important to you: Filing cheap bankruptcy, or paying extra for a layer who will be able to deal with your creditors and can negotiate your debt settlement. Check with your local bar association, because they will be able to tell you if the service fees are fair compared to the local standard fees.

Keep in mind that you will be getting what you pay for when it comes to bankruptcy lawyers. Finding a cheap bankruptcy lawyer has its disadvantages such as lack of expertise.

Lawyer Video – 5 Questions You Must Ask When Choosing a Web Video Company

Congratulations! You’ve decided to create attorney video. You recognize the importance of video for a viewer searching for a lawyer in your specialty. You’ve decided not to create video yourself and instead are looking for a video company to do everything for you. Where do you begin to look?

Online. Where do you look online? YouTube is a good start. Do a search for attorneys in your specialty. Watch those videos. See what you like, and importantly, what you don’t like. In the description sidebar, look to see which company created that lawyers’ video. Then call that company. Alternatively, do a Google search for ‘lawyer video company’, or ‘video for lawyers’.

Here are 5 questions you must ask to make sure you compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges.

1. How long does it take to shoot my video?
2. How many video clips do I get for that video shoot?
3. How long will each completed video clip be?
4. How much will it cost to create my video?
5. Will you upload my videos to video sharing sites and optimize the videos so the search engines can find my videos?


1. Is the video producer a lawyer? Why is this important? Because most video producers do not know what your potential clients look for when searching for an attorney online. As an attorney, I have the unique ability to know what a potential client looks for when doing an online search for a lawyer.

2. How much will you charge me when I want to do another series of videos next month? And the month after that? Why is that important? After your first series of videos, you will soon realize that you have so much more information to offer online viewers. Only by creating a series of videos will you be able to create effective, educational and fresh video content.

The answers to these important questions will surprise you. When comparing video companies do not choose one based solely on price alone. Instead, look to the value and experience that the company and the producer can give you. Only then can you make an educated decision about which video company is right for you.